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Surface Treatment: an exhibition of sculptural and decorative ceramics

Malcolm Dobson will be showing two and three-dimensional sculptural and decorative ceramics inspired by architecture, buildings and townscapes in an exhibition at the Mackintosh Church at Queen’s Cross, Glasgow.

Multiple glazes and slips are used to create textures and layers of colour, echoing patterns made by architectural elements. Surfaces are enriched with applied scraps of clay and impressions and marks made by tools and found objects to evoke the colours and textures of crumbling stone, rusting metal, and peeling & cracked paint.

The exhibition at the Mackintosh Church will include new, large scale wall pieces incorporating found wood.

Malcolm says about his ceramic work:
“I enjoy walking around towns & cities observing the different textures and patterns of building materials, and the form & structure of the buildings themselves. I use ceramic materials – different clays, glazes and slips - not imitate these but to evoke the feelings I have when I see them; to portray mood, feeling and emotion. What I am attempting is summed up in Graham Sutherland’ words: ‘I found that I could express what I felt only by paraphrasing what I saw. ... the mysteriously intangible must be made immediate and tangible, and vice versa.’ “

The Mackintosh Church at Queen's Cross, 870 Garscube Road, Glasgow G20 7EL

April 13th to May 11th Open Monday (not 7th May), Wednesday and Friday 10.00am – 5.00pm

The Mackintosh Church is within easy reach of the City centre and the West End by underground or bus.

The Mackintosh Church at Queen's Cross
870 Garscube Road
Glasgow G20 7EL

T: +44(0)141 946 6600 or +44(0)141 945 2321
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