My work is inspired by a passion for architecture and industrial and commercial structures, especially where they have fallen into disuse and are abandoned or neglected, coupled with a deep-seated feeling for the Romantic appeal of ruins. I create pieces that attempt to portray mood, feeling and emotion – in the words of Graham Sutherland “I found that I could express what I felt only by paraphrasing what I saw. ... the mysteriously intangible must be made immediate and tangible, and vice versa.”

Work is mainly slip cast from molds individually constructed from small plaster slabs; no two pieces are the same. Surfaces are enriched with applied scraps of clay and impressions and marks made by tools and found objects. Multiple glazes and slips are used to create textures and layers of colour echoing patterns made by architectural elements, the colours and textures of crumbling stone, rusting metal, and peeling & cracked paint.

In 2003 I was accepted into the first group of students to study ceramics at the Glasgow School of Art through the part-time, distance learning course, graduating with a BA in 2009.

I have recently started to explore printmaking with collography and monotypes. As well as using conventional printing inks I also use clay slips.